Reaching a Milestone – Part I – Thankfulness

Reaching a Milestone

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Understandably so, there is something bittersweet to being at the end of my college career.  The feeling of having finally finished is rather surreal; I do not think I will actually believe I have “made it” till I am able to physically touch my diploma. For although my college education began just four years ago, it feels like it has been a whole other lifetime on its own.  But at last, all final projects have been turned in; all final papers have been written, and all final examinations have been taken.  Final grades have been posted, and it looks like I have graduated with honors, cum laude.

Despite having finally reached this milestone, I am, perhaps surprisingly so, at a loss of words for today’s blog.  Being a graduate, especially one with a Professional Writing & Editing minor, I feel the need to dedicate a post to this achievement, offer some personal reflections and perhaps some well-written words of wisdom.  As any other “writer” can understand, writing usually doesn’t come easily. A good written work never happens with self-pressure; inspiration never usually comes when it is called upon.  Thus I am without the blog that I assured would be posted a week ago.

But despite being short on words, I am not short of the feelings that have accompanied my college graduation; I am especiallly not without thankfulness. 

I remember as clearly as if it was yesterday sitting with my dad in Lisa Slie’s office scheduling classes for the Fall 2007 semester.  I find it ironic, yet incredible as well, that many of the final days of my college career are being spent sitting in the room next door to Lisa, working as the New Martinsville Campus’s intern.  I am still the shy and backward girl I was then, but I would like to think that I have gained a great deal of knowledge and wisdom since then.

My higher education and foundation of learning began at Northern.  Here it was that I extended my love of literature and writing, conquered the formerly “intimidating” world of mathematics (Even getting an A in Accounting!), furthered my interests in psychology, and learned the basics of photoshop.

At Northern I was also encouraged to work to my full potential and to continue my education at WVU, thanks to some of Northern’s most familiar faces such as Charleen Stokes & Ina Robinson, as well as Bob, who I believe tirelessly answered the phone each time I called with questions regarding transcripts, transient forms, and whatnot.

Change is inevitable.  We all know that people and places change, but the amazing aspect of Northern, is that its friendly & helpful atmosphere, along with its commitment to students’ success, never changes.  Even after two years away, upon my return to complete my internship, I was greeted warmly by familiar faces such as Darcy Ferrell, David Snyder, Terry Craig, and Mark Goldstein.

I’ve also had the fortunate opportunity to meet and work with new people as well.  Thanks to my internship, I was able to meet and interview Northern’s very dedicated and hardworking librarian, Janet Corbitt.  I’ve also had the opportunity to learn some new things while interviewing Northern’s very worthy and talented newcomers – Mr. Thomas Myslinksy and Dr. Sherri Buerdsell.

And as the New Martinsville Campus’s intern, I’ve been able to learn new skills and participate in some pretty fun events, thanks to Mr. Larry Tackett & Ms. Debbie Bennett.  Besides being given the freedom to do what I love – write, I’ve learned new PowerPoint skills and how to use a Mac.  I was invited to attend a student summit and a Chamber of Commerce dinner.  Perhaps the most crazy, but one of the most fun, times was the flood story that Ina, Lisa, & I worked on.

So before I end up typing up a novel here at the local McDonald’s (As I am using their Wifi), I would like to use this blog to thank all of the wonderful people at Northern who helped me to conquer and cllear the path to where I wanted to go.  College is definitely not easy, but the hardworking people at the New Martinsville campus helped to make it a bit easier.



  1. Great post! Thanks so much fo your comments and everything you did for us this semester. Looking forward to you continued contributions.

  2. You have made our campus blog come alive this past semester! Thank you for so many wonderful posts and pictures! I am blessed to have met and worked with you during your internship. You are a self-starter and a great writer, thanks for everything you helped us write for the campus! I too look forward to reading your continued contributions to our blog!!

  3. Congratulations on your graduation. It’s been a pleasure working with you. All the best.

  4. Congrats on your graduation. It’s been a pleasure working with you & I’ve enjoyed reading your blog postings. Don’t be a stranger.

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