It’s Library Week! April 10th – April 16th

National Library Week

April 10th – April 16th 2011


“A thing of beauty is a joy forever; its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.” – Endymion, by John Keats

For as far back as I can remember, I have loved books.  Back in my elementary, middle, and high school days, like many other bookworms, I always looked forward to library day and being able to check out a new book each week.  As I got older, I found the schools’ Accelerated Reading programs and cashing in my “AR” points for prizes to be equally exciting. And although a decade and more have passed, I still love reading as much as I used to.  Understandably, the genres and size of books have changed. The thick, glossy and colorful pages of picture books are long gone of course, as well as the beloved “Pony Pal” and “Saddle Club” children’s series.  These books have been traded in for novels that I used to think looked rather boring – multi-hundred, plain-looking paged books filled with  chapters upon chapters of tiny print.

Being a college student for the past four years, I have been unable to indulge in my recreational reading habit as much as I would like.  Novels have been placed to the side on tables or in bookshelves in exchange for heavy textbooks that will help to supply me with the education and information  I need to graduate, and in turn, take on the real world. After completion of this milestone, I will be glad to turn back to books of all genres, for as I’m sure fellow bookworms will agree, there is just something wonderful about being able to turn the fresh, crisp pages of a book and allowing oneself to let go of worries and cares as you enter a whole new and different, yet strangely exciting, world.

My love of books would not exist as much as it does if it were not for libraries, and in turn the hard working and dedicated librarians that manage libraries.  And I’m not sure if the above boldfaced words by John Keats were purposely added to the National Library Week display, but they definitely seem fitting for the topic of libraries.  For as far back as I can remember, I have loved visiting the local libraries.   In a world that stresses and practically smothers us with our everyday recreational and necessary “conveniences”  such as ringing cellphones, glaring television sets, and Facebook notifications, libraries offer a comfortable, quiet, and peaceful escape.

Janet Corbitt, librarian here at the New Martinsville Campus, was kind enough to give me some information concerning library week, (and offer candy and cookies as well!), and her own love of libraries  as well.

Ms. Corbitt has been the librarian here at the New Martinsville Campus for around 11-12 years.  After obtaining her degree in education, she continued her education at Pitt’s Library School.  When asked why she chose to become a librarian, Janet responded that she really enjoys the academic life, and she “truly likes helping people” and that being a librarian is a “very fulfilling kind of job.”

I asked Janet if she was worried about the future of libraries, what with the rise of the internet as a source of information, and she immediately responded not at all.  Janet said that actually, libraries are providing more and more help to students.  Although students are not reading as much as they used to, they are seeking libraries and librarians for a variety of help in their research endeavors and for help in the critical thinking aspect of research.  And although the internet does offer plenty of information for research, Janet says that books are still the most complete and reliable sources of information, adding that most professors still prefer book sources over internet sources.

As for the above photo, Ms. Corbitt told me that many assume that the library is only for research purposes.  And although the library is definitely an excellent resource for research purposes, it is also an excellent source for recreational reading purposes as well. The photo above shows just a few of the books out on display in honor of National Library Week.  Ms. Corbitt stated that although the library offers books on basic research, the library also works to “bring in the best” books.  The display in the LRC showcases a variety of different award-winning books, including past years’ Pulitzer Prize winners and finalists.

So be sure to check out all of the great books and resources that the New Martinsville Campus’s library has to offer!  And finally, don’t forget the following:


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