More Fun Facts for Another Tired & Dreary Monday

Lassie was played by several male dogs, despite the female name, because male collies were thought to look better on camera. The main “actor” was named Pal.

At Andrew Jackson’s funeral in 1845, his pet parrot had to be removed because it was swearing.

It takes a lobster approximately seven years to grow to be one pound.

Infant beavers are called kittens. Insects shiver when they’re cold.

The 1st US Minimum Wage Law was instituted in 1938. The minimum wage was 25 cents per hour.

The ancient Egyptians slept on pillows made of stone.

Mosquitoes prefer children to adults, and blondes to brunettes.

Owls have eyeballs that are tubular in shape, because of this, they cannot move their eyes.

Mockingbirds can imitate any sound from a squeaking door to a cat meowing.

Indiana has a city named Santa Claus.

A hamlet is a village without a church and a town is not a city until it has a cathedral.

About one-tenth of the earth’s surface is permanently covered with ice.

Alaska, with 8, is the US state with the most national park sites.

A cucumber is 96% water.

An apple tree is at its prime when its about 50 years old.

The United States produces about 100 million barrels of apples a year. That’s a lot of old trees.

An arabica coffee tree can produce up to 12 pounds of coffee a year, depending on soil and climate.

An average ear of corn has 800 kernels, arranged in 16 rows.


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