Fun Facts for a Tired & Dreary Monday

* The ears of a cricket are located on the front legs, just below the knee.

* Super Glue was invented by accident.  The researcher was trying to make optical coating materials, and would test their properties by putting them between two prisms and shining light through them.  When he tried the cyano-acrlate, he couldn’t get the prisms apart.

* Starfish don’t have brains.

* Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing.

* Armadillos get an average of 18.5 hours of sleep a day.

* Most people blink about 17,000 times per day.

* Giraffes are unable to cough.

* Sharks are immune to cancer.

* Lobsters have blue blood.

For more scientific facts, head to

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* A “jiffy” is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second.

* One ragweed plant can release as many as one billion grains of pollen.

* Skepticisms is the longest word that alternates hands when typing!

* A crocodile always grows new teeth to replace the old teeth.

* A hedgehog’s heart beets 300 times a minute on average.

* The electric chair was created by a dentist.

* A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside

* A cockroach can live several weeks with its head cut off – it dies from starvation.

* Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

* The world’s oldest piece of chewing gum is over 9000 years old.

* Slugs have 4 noses.

* Some ribbon worms will eat themselves if they can’t find any food.

* You’ll eat about 35,000 cookies in a lifetime.

* A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years.

* A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue.

* A person uses approximately fifty-seven sheets of toilet paper each day.

* Baby robins eat 14 feet of earthworms every day.

Check out for more facts!

& Check back next Monday for some more facts!


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